You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at v0.6.


A few ideas how to develop the project further, currently a list as a reminder for the main developers themselves, in no particular order, though with a tendency to list more important aspects first:

For version 0.7

  • GUI code

    • Discriminate between ui and non-ui windows/dialogs/widgets

      • Two separate commands, one creating ui files for use with QtDesigner, the other for programmatically laid out windows/dialogs/widgets

    • Rearrange modules:

      • separation of models and views

    • Support for nested subpackages, i.e. GUI subpackage not in package root

    • Document templates used for GUI code

  • Update command (e.g., for configuration,

    • Configuration: useful when newer versions of pymetacode change the structure of the configuration file.

  • Command for copying templates to user-specific/site-wide directory

For later versions

  • Transition config to pyproject.toml file

  • Templates specific to packages (e.g., ASpecD)

    • Requires mechanism to detect which package we are called from

  • More configuration options

  • Commands for releasing a package to PyPI


A list of todos, extracted from the code and documentation itself, and only meant as convenience for the main developers. Ideally, this list will be empty at some point.