You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at v0.6.

API documentation

This is the definite source of information for developers, besides having a look at the actual source code. Each class and public method should be fully documented.

Package contents


A Python package helping to write and maintain Python packages.

Design principles

The pymetacode package uses a YAML file .package_config.yaml in the project root directory of a Python package created and/or handled by pymetacode as storage for all relevant configuration. This configuration is internally represented by the pymetacode.configuration.Configuration class and stored as an attribute in all the relevant objects of the coding classes defined in the pymetacode.coding module. Therefore, all except of the initial configuration and package creation tasks are performed from within the package root directory. This is an important fact to have in mind when further developing the package, as this determines the relative paths used.

The basic user interface is a command-line interface (CLI) designed for convenience and easy to memorise commands and command structure. All the details are implemented in the pymetacode.cli module.

Trying to add a module, class, function, GUI window (or even the GUI itself) that already exists should always result in a warning issued and no further action taken, such as to not overwrite any existing code. The same care should be taken when modifying files such as or, as the developers may have modified those files and they are not under exclusive control of the pymetacode package.

The pymetacode package tries to depend on as few additional packages as possible. After all, it is a helper tool for the convenience of the user, not a full-fledged framework.

While there are some ways to configure the behaviour of the pymetacode package, it is clearly opinionated in many ways. The templates can be greatly adapted to your own needs, but the overall package structure or the way how GUIs are designed and the corresponding directory structure laid out is rather fixed. This is intentional and not meant to be changed soon.

Available modules

The following list provides a high-level overview of the package. More details can be found in the documentation of the individual modules.


Configuration handling of the pymetacode package.


The actual code generators of the pymetacode package.


Command-line interface (CLI) module of the pymetacode package.


Auxiliary functionality used by other modules of the pymetacode package.