You're reading an old version of this documentation. For up-to-date information, please have a look at v0.6.


Core aspect of the pymetacode package is the configuration for a package that shall be created/maintained using pymetacode. This configuration can be created initially by issuing the following command:

pymeta write config

This will result in a file package_config.yaml whose content should be adjusted according to your specific needs. Upon creating the package, this file will be copied within the root directory of the new package, to the file .package_config.yaml (mind the leading “.” that renders it hidden in a unixoid context).

The structure of this configuration file is documented below. Most of the fields in the package block resemble the structure of a file, while the documentation block collects additional settings for the Sphinx configuration residing in the file in the docs subdirectory of the project. The block options (new in version 0.3) contains settings relevant mainly for package creation, the block gui (new in version 0.4) settings for GUI creation.

  name: ''
  author: ''
  author_email: ''
  year: '2023'
  description: ''
    main: ''
    documentation: ''
    source: ''
  keywords: []
  install_requires: []
  logo: ''
  favicon: ''
  language: en
  logging: false
  git: false
  gui: false
  splash: true